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A place for women to speak up & get answers about low sexual desire that frustrates us.

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Millions of women have hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). Let’s discuss.

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Is now the right time to talk to a doctor about your frustrating low sexual desire?

The right time is when you decide it is. If you feel the time is now, go for it. Your sexual health is part of your overall health, and self-care isn’t selfish. So don’t put your needs aside. Even now, there are healthcare professionals ready to help you–and you don’t have to leave home to meet with one.

Learn about telemedicine and a treatment for HSDD

Take the First Step

Sex was always an important (and fun) part of your relationship. And now…you don’t even want to have it anymore. And that’s frustrating.

But it’s okay, because this doesn’t have to be your new normal! Help is here for frustrating low sexual desire.

Help is here for frustrating low sexual desire

Debunking Frustrating Low Sexual Desire Myths W Gigi Engle | unblush

unblush teamed up with Gigi Engle, certified sexologist and sex educator, to debunk myths and false beliefs about desire.

Low desire is when you’re not feeling up for sex, don’t have feelings of sexual want for your partner, or simply aren’t in the mood. Sometimes this low desire can span over a long period of time –like, years– and this can be both frustrating to you and your partner.

So, what can be done? First, we want to set the facts straight, and then talk about some myths that surround this condition, because there is a lot of misguiding information out there that may be leaving you confused.

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

symptom checker

Frustrated by low sexual desire? You're not alone. Take this short quiz to find out if you have symptoms that may be associated with HSDD.
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How to Talk to Your Partner About Sexual Desire w Gigi Engle | unblush

unblush teamed up with Gigi Engle, certified sexologist and sex educator, to talk about ways to talk to your partner about frustrating, low sexual desire. We know these conversations can be awkward and difficult, but many women have been there. Just know that there are resources and groups out there providing support and help!

We’ve put together the top 4 tips for when you decide to open up:

Tip #1: Have the conversation with your partner outside of the bedroom.
Tip #2: Explain what is going on frankly and with facts.
Tip #3: Have empathy for each other.
Tip #4: Be patient.

We’re in This Together

~1 in 10 US women have hypoactive (low) sexual desire disorder, but many don’t even know it’s a treatable medical condition.

Until now.

Together, we’re transforming our feelings of shame and embarrassment into the strength to confront it.


A Candid Conversation about Low Sexual Desire

I sat down with Dr. Lisa Chism to answer your most private questions about female sexual health and low sexual . . .

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What do you do when one night of “not being in the mood” turns into months…or years? Talking about your frustrating low sexual desire to your partner can help you confront it.

It may be tough at first, but you don’t have to go at it alone.

Talking about your frustrating low sexual desire

If your desire for sex is frustratingly lower than it used to be.
If you want help for finding out how to get it back.
This is the place to start.
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Spread the Word

You don’t have to keep hypoactive (low) sexual desire disorder a secret–especially not here. Join our unblush community where you can ask questions and get answers about frustrating low sexual desire.

We can help you unblush

Raise Your Voice about HSDD

desire disorder suffer in silence, sometimes for years, because they’re too embarrassed to talk about it. But now’s the time to spread the word. Join the conversation with women who are sharing their stories and together, we can speak up about HSDD.

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Get the Facts

How does sexual desire become low? Hint: it’s up here, not down there. If you’re scratching your head, you’re getting warmer.
Believe it or not, your brain has an important role in your sexual health: when there’s an imbalance of certain chemicals, it could result in low sexual desire.

Still have questions? Visit our community page to connect with other women and get the answers you deserve.

How does sexual desire become hypoactive?


    Medical conversations for HSDD and low female sex drive
    Conversation Starter

    Get step-by-step help talking to your healthcare provider.

    HSDD screening questionnaire
    Symptom Checker

    Answer a few questions to find out if you have symptoms associated with HSDD.

    How to talk about female libido issues
    Talking to Your Partner

    It’s not easy, but it’s so important. These tips can help you have an open, honest conversation.