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Debunking Frustrating Low Sexual Desire Myths W Gigi Engle | unblush

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unblush teamed up with Gigi Engle, certified sexologist and sex educator, to debunk myths and false beliefs about desire.

Low desire is when you’re not feeling up for sex, don’t have feelings of sexual want for your partner, or simply aren’t in the mood. Sometimes this low desire can span over a long period of time –like, years– and this can be both frustrating to you and your partner.

So, what can be done? First, we want to set the facts straight, and then talk about some myths that surround this condition, because there is a lot of misguiding information out there that may be leaving you confused.

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  • what is hsdd?

    It’s a treatable medical condition also called hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Women with HSDD have decreased sexual desire that they find frustrating. HSDD can lower your self esteem and strain your relationship. If that’s what you’re feeling, don’t feel alone or embarrassed—unblush.

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