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We want women to feel comfortable and supported when they come to unblush–and it takes the entire community to make that happen. So there are some things we need everyone to keep in mind: the unblush website pages are sponsored by AMAG Pharmaceuticals so that women can share their thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences concerning hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), and it’s intended for US audiences only.

Our page is not meant to provide medical advice, and because of the regulations that govern the healthcare industry, we can’t allow talk about any pharmaceutical products or other health treatments.

Finally, we ask that everyone stay positive and on topic, and understand that we have the right to remove any post that violates the unblush website guidelines or the regulations that govern our industry. In other words, please don’t post comments that include:

If your post references a side effect, we may contact you for more information. To report suspected adverse reactions, contact AMAG Pharmaceuticals at 1-877-411-2510 or FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 or

This page is not intended to store your unblush website unique profile ID, email address, or other personal details.

We reserve the right to remove or ban anyone from this page at our sole discretion. The views and opinions expressed by members of this community are not reflections of AMAG Pharmaceuticals. AMAG Pharmaceuticals does not endorse the information or opinions shared by members of this community. Comments will be reviewed for appropriateness and only allowed if they adhere to community guidelines. AMAG Pharmaceuticals expressly disclaims all liability.