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Start the conversation about frustrating low sexual desire.

How to talk to your doctor

It’s not easy facing low sexual desire and everyone’s experience is different. But whatever you’re feeling, you’ve got this – because this guide was built just for you. And even though talking to a doctor about low sexual desire can be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. Start the conversation below.




Lately, I’ve been experiencing low sexual desire that’s frustrating. When it comes to my sex drive, I feel and thinking about having sex makes me feel . It’s also impacting my . Recently, I’ve heard about hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) and the Decreased Sexual Desire Screener (DSDS).
Can you tell me more?


Fill In the Blanks

at the appointment

getting a diagnosis

If your healthcare provider suspects that you may have HSDD, he or she will likely ask you 
5 questions from the Decreased Sexual Desire Screener (DSDS). Here’s what to expect:

  1. In the past, was your level of sexual desire or interest good and satisfying to you?
  2. Has there been a decrease in your level of sexual desire or interest?
  3. Are you bothered by your decreased level of sexual desire or interest?
  4. Would you like your level of sexual desire or interest to increase?
  5. Please circle any of the factors that you feel may be contributing to your current decrease in sexual desire or interest:
    1. An operation, depression, injuries, or other medical condition
    2. Medications, drugs, or alcohol you are currently taking
    3. Pregnancy, recent childbirth, or menopausal symptoms
    4. Other sexual issues you may be having (pain, decreased arousal or orgasm)
    5. Your partner’s sexual problems
    6. Dissatisfaction with your relationship or partner
    7. Stress or fatigue
    8. None of the above



If a woman is having trouble talking about sexual desire or lack thereof, I would really encourage her to just bring it to the forefront and deal with it.”

—Tracy, a real woman discussing low sexual desire


after the appointment

stay connected