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Today Is the Day to unblush

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Cartoon woman embarrassed about her low sexual desire. We can help you get information on HSDD.

It’s true: even if it can’t be seen, low sexual desire feels like *this* for many women.

Low sexual desire is nothing to be ashamed of or hide from. Especially not here. We get what you’re going through and want to help you open up.

Get help opening up about low sexual desire

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  • I would like to know how HSDD is treated ...
    5 months ago
    • Great question! HSDD is a common, treatable medical condition characterized by ongoing low sexual desire that women find frustrating. If you think you have HSDD, tell your healthcare provider. For more information about HSDD, visit
      5 months ago
  • I really feel this is something I have. I have no desire and haven’t have for sometime. I love my husband. We have been married for 20yrs. I don’t feel like he believes me, as far as this condition goes. He thinks it’s just another excuse. I wish there was something he would believe. Please help.
    5 months ago
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