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There will be times where I want to engage in sex with my husband but when It comes down to having sex I dont engage at all. I feel scared. Does anyone else go through this?

horse_chick0310 Answered
“I go thru this all the time. My husband and I have been together over 16yrs. You would think one would be confident and comfortable with husband by then even after having one child. I never turn him down when he engages though, bc I know he needs it and desires it. Plus I never know if I might be in the mood. but I feel so bad when I can't seem to get in the mood. I mean when I am in the mood things are Great, but why cant i always be for him. I love my husband to death always have and will always. I am scared he might find someone else with a high sex level life to pleasure him. My self esteem and confidence and ect end up effecting put relationship so bad whenever I end up pointing out I can tell he is frustrated with my sex drive. I really do want to please him and make things better for the both of us. But dont know what to do. So many things go thru my head.”
2 years ago
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