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What is the recommended treatment for HSDD?

Jojo Answered
“I am new to all this information. This is what I have been describing to drs, nurses, therapists, and my partner for the past 4 years. Not one of those medical professionals gave it a name. So here, I find a name. Great. Now for treatment. While not having a name, describing my symptoms to my drs I have been told by EVERYONE of them there is nothing that can be done. My OB had the nerve to say "if I could fix that problem I'd be the richest man in the world". Unfortunately any hope I found in giving my issues a real name are gone after reading all the women echoing the same sentiment. There is no treatment. There is nothing to be done. It just is what it is? I am only 36 years old. Have a loving partner and family. There is nothing "wrong" to speak of. Yet I have ZERO sexual desire. I started out feeling frustrated. Now its devastation that I feel. My worth as a woman, nonexistent. My poor partner, helplessly tries anything to make me feel better, or comfortable.”
2 years ago
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