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I am 23 and my bf is 24. I have been with my bf for 6yrs now. At around 2 yrs ago my sex drive went so dwn. I’m never in the mood and he always is. When i say no I’m the bad one. Even when we do have sex he still wants to keep going bit I’m one and done I’m satisfied, but he’s not. I’m not driven like i was b4 and we have fought over this for a while now. How can I make it better.

Lynn Answered
“Unfortunately, i am in this same situation:/ married for 2 years and togeather 7 and we have been having issues for the last few years on and off, he gets upset at me over this and i think i have lost interest because we have been through so much stressful situations. His father passed 2 years ago from cancer and i helped take care of him. Before that his grandmother and i lived in his parents home for 3 years. We are on our own now and i thought being there and moving would help us but idk anymore its like ive lost interest in it all for all the stress and he seems to just anoy me about it. I am so glad i am not the only one! He doesnt understand from my perspective of things just from his. He is a wonderful person but men want what they want they can not help it. I have dressed sexier etc and nothing. I am not sure what to even do anymore ? We also have tried for a child and ive lost all interest in that to because i am not wanting to do anything.”
10 months ago
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