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Someone Else Asked

What age were you when you first noticed low sexual desire?

Kady Answered
“I’m so glad. To be reading comments and questions here I was beginning to wonder if I’m alone but I didn’t think so. I never really had that urge to have sex. My first experience was with my now husband 46 years ago at 17. Married and baby at 18 almost 19. Sex was great in the beginning, somewhere along the way I started losing desire around in my 40’s. We always fought about frequency. He’s much more aroused than I am. I felt I had the right to say no. He’s ok with that till... we argue a lot about sex because I’m not interested anymore now. That started about 60. I just told him I’m done. That did not go over well and we still fight about it. It causes me anxiety in the evenings. We are both considering how to move forward. Stay together or leave over sex.... it’s becoming a major problem for me now. Hubby doesn't believe women don’t want or need sex. Thinks I’m just holding out on him. No understanding at all. I’m at my wits end”
2 years ago
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