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A little over a year ago I began to lose pleasure while having sex. In my mind I wanted it,but my my body just wouldn’t become turned on. Foreplay or sex doesn’t seem to so it do it for me anymore. I’m still able to have sex with my husband cause I love him and im very attracted to him, but I dont get any pleasure from it. He says everything still feels fine to him. I just just feel like my body is numb. What can I do to get my feeling back?

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  • Answered 3 years ago
    I feel the exact same way
  • Answered 3 years ago
    I honestly feel the same, although its with my boyfriend. I want and have the desire to engage in sexual activities but it's just extremely dry and it affects me and my partner greatly. I mean lube is great but its not the same. I also still have sex with my partner because I love him and I'm also attracted to him but it just sucks honestly.
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