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Has anyone else had their doctor insinuate that their low sexual desire was because the marriage was in trouble?

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  • Answered 1 year ago
    Yes, this was my doctor's first assumption. For me, that really wasn't at all the issue - we were still in our first year of marriage and truthfully, the rest of my relationship felt like a dream. I persisted and then she said that it was probably stress from work. I was deterred - that was two years ago. Since then, my partner has started to really notice the change and it has started to become a point of friction.
  • Answered 1 year ago
    Yup. My doctor said I just didn’t find my husband attractive anymore. It was so untrue, and a complete cop out so they didn’t have to find out what was actually wrong with me.
  • Answered 12 months ago
    Yes... she said it was because I was stressed, not happy in my relationship, not in love with my husband anymore and that I just needed to get over it. She wanted me to go through some therapy that my insurance would not cover that was 90 miles away... but we aren't rich...
  • Answered 11 months ago
    My doctor assumes it's my antidepressant but I've been on them for years and it wasn't that bad until a couple years ago. I've felt too uncomfortable bringing it up again
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