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I am 23 and my bf is 24. I have been with my bf for 6yrs now. At around 2 yrs ago my sex drive went so dwn. I’m never in the mood and he always is. When i say no I’m the bad one. Even when we do have sex he still wants to keep going bit I’m one and done I’m satisfied, but he’s not. I’m not driven like i was b4 and we have fought over this for a while now. How can I make it better.

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  • Answered 1 month ago
    Already I feel like your boyfriend isn't supportive, and probably accuses you of it all being in your head. I'm saddened to hear you're in a situation where it's difficult for you to communicate how you're feeling about HSDD. Have you gone to the doctor? Have you been diagnosed?
  • Answered 1 month ago
    Hi there, I'm 23 as well and I have run into this situation as well. My husband keeps telling me it is all in my head, but it never felt like it was all in my head. I felt like I was crazy... but I couldn't get myself in the mood when he was. Its caused a lot of stress.
  • Answered 1 month ago
    So, this is toxic masculinity, and your partner's orgasms and pleasure are NOT your responsibility. Him insisting they are and guilting you for it is abusive. He's literally acting as a child, throwing a tantrum, to coerce you into sex. That's abuse and manipulation. If he can't masturbate to take care of himself AND if his orgasms are more important than you not wanting to have sex, that's gonna be trouble further down the road. Address this NOW! If he refuses to talk about it or is rude, move on. Those are the building blocks for advanced abusive tactics.
  • Answered 3 weeks ago
    I’ve been having the same issue as u for a while now. I am 27 and have been with my boyfriend for 5 years now. There are a couple possibilities that may contribute to your low sex drive. For one, it can be that you no longer are attracted or satisfied in your relationship and you might just need to move on, which is normal and does not make you a terrible person. Two, depression and stressors can be a factor, so speaking to a therapist can definitely help. Three, you can have a hormone imbalance and should ask your doctor for an order of your thyroid hormone levels, but be persistent because doctors tend to ignore women’s issues since they often think it has to do with our menstrual cycle or something super annoying. I have found that my stressors in my life have been a problem and have been seeing a therapist, which has been extremely helpful. Also, when I was working out frequently my sex drive was always up but since I’ve been in nursing school its been hard to maintain that life style. Remember that your boyfriend is a male and does not understand how complicated a woman’s body is, so its best that you explain to him. It is not that he is not supportive, but just doesn’t get what you are going through. If you show him that you are making an effort to figure out the cause of your low sex drive then he will be more supportive I assure you.
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