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Just because a woman doesn’t want to have sex doesn’t mean she has HSDD, does it?

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    Answered 2 years ago

    Not wanting to have sex isn’t always HSDD. It’s important to remember that HSDD is a specific medical condition, defined as low sexual desire that women find frustrating, and there are other reasons for low sex drive in women. For example, some women’s sexual desire naturally fluctuates over the years. Certain medications can have the side effect of lowering sexual desire. Pregnancy, recent childbirth and plain old fatigue can cause desire to dip. And there’s evidence that some people just don’t feel sexual attraction at all.

    HSDD has to be diagnosed by a healthcare professional and it’s important to evaluate what else might be contributing to a woman’s low sexual desire.

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    A woman who has HSDD used to desire sex, doesn’t anymore, and finds that condition frustrating. She no longer desires sex with her partner or anyone else. (That, um, includes herself.) And if there were certain fantasies or erotic materials or movies that used to get her in the mood, well, they don’t anymore. And again—because this is an important part of the diagnosis—her lack of sexual desire is frustrating for her.

    All of this is why, if you think you may have HSDD, it’s important to talk to a healthcare professional about it. The unblush HSDD Symptom Checker and Doctor Discussion Guide can help you get ready for that. And keep checking the unblush Q&As, too!

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