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What type of Physician should I see?

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  • Answered 3 months ago
    I would suggest a good gynocologist
  • Answered 3 months ago
    I have asked my primary doctor and was told its all in my head. My gynecologist said its just something that happens and there was nothing i could do
  • Answered 3 months ago
    I spoke to my counselor/ psychiatrist first. She is now working my Primary Care doctor to get something to help me.
  • Answered 2 months ago
    When I mentioned some of my issues to my OB she just shrugged and said to go see a sexologist because it's "probably a mental thing"
  • Answered 1 month ago
    My gyno just shrugged it off and told me it happens. I was so embarrassed that I had worked up the courage to bring it up, just to be shut down. I am so glad I found this community and now know I’m not alone.
  • Answered 1 month ago
    I told my OB and was said that eventually it will come back.. mentioned it to my primary care and was told to check my hormones. Had my hormones checked - normal. No suggestions aside from just do it - better you than your husband going somewhere else. I walked out crying then and I am crying as I type this now.
  • Answered 1 month ago
    I’ve been told a Gyno as well as an Endocrinologist.
  • Answered 1 month ago
    I’m so sorry you were hurt like that. I know the feeling. I was in an 8 year relationship and he knew I had HSDD. It’s scary, causing low self esteem, causes stress which can cause other libido problems if it’s too much, and I don’t feel like a girl anymore. And my boyfriend eventually cheated on me, and he was manipulative about the sex stuff. I’ve had an ex who was “trying to be there for me” tell me “maybe I just need the right man to start it up again; knock it out a few times.” I wanted to puke. I told him to take me home and that he was disgusting. My boyfriend broke up with me 2 days before Xmas. He found another girl. It makes me feel like crap. 8 years with him and 6 months into the relationship he made me feel so bad that I tried to have intercourse, but my body was just dead. I’ve cried many times over the years. Having this problem start in my mid twenties definitely makes me feel like I lost part of my life. I can’t connect to anyone on an intimate level when it comes to passion and desire. It messes with my entire life. Keep looking at the resources on this page and you can get medication for it through telemedicine if you want. Don’t give up. Your husband isn’t going anywhere so screw those doctors. My ex later told me that when I told him about my HSDD that I was making it up. Jerk. Smh.
  • Answered 3 weeks ago
    I saw two gyns, and an endocrinologist. Took my hormones , all were normal so that was the end of the convo, I finally found a PA in an internal med office who had a focus on women’s health who listened and really wanted to help me. You may have to go to several drs until you find one Who will listen.
  • Answered 2 weeks ago
    I asked my OB and she said it's something that just happens and their is no magic pill. We saw a counselor and his answer was for us to have sex every 3 says consistently and my libido would come back. That didn't work. This has been an issue for me for 5 years now. It's breaking down my marriage.
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