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Women speak up about their experiences with HSDD and low sexual desire.

There’s power in numbers: speaking up about low sexual desire is the first step. And while your experience may be different from someone else’s, that doesn’t mean you have to confront it by yourself.

Join our community of women confronting HSDD and low sexual desire

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  • I have had a problem with low sex drive for years. It has taken a huge toll on my marriage. We have been married for 15 yrs with 4 amazing daughters. I love my husband and do not want or desire anyone else. However, I do not desire sex at all not even self pleasuring. I have tried for years to speak to my primary care doctor they tell me it is all in my head but go talk to my obgyn. That doctor again tells me there is nothing wrong it is all in my head and that you need to go speak to a therapist. I go there and they blame it on kids, life and everything else and tell me to keep trying and eventually I will I will magically have a desire for it! Ugh so tired of everyone telling me there is nothing wrong with me. Anyone else have something similar happen? And what did you do? My husband is not so patient anymore and I am scared our marriage is not going to last much longer.
    2 months ago
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